Please Help Elizabeth
Below is a description of why help is needed, and how you can help!
Elizabeth graduating from Grad School

Hello, my name is Corey Cameron... I am writing to request your help for Elizabeth Chalker, a dear person
who is a daughter to me. Elizabeth is suffering from
Mold/Biotoxin illness, rare genetic disease, and  late
stage Lyme disease. These diseases devastate the body in ways that are completely incomprehensible. She
has been suffering for over half of her 47 years and went undiagnosed, as do so many who suffer from these
illnesses, until it was virtually too late. As a result, she did not receive the appropriate treatment and now her
body is shutting down and organ systems are being affected.

Elizabeth is a brilliant psychologist and talented athlete who has been in excruciating pain among other
debilitating symptoms for the past many years. Before this time she lived with daily pain but still managed to
remain active in her community, her family, her career and her church until the level of debility in her body got
too much for her to continue. Elizabeth is an extremely generous woman who now needs our help as a
people, as a community, and as a society.
She needs our help
Elizabeth's resources are exhausted from years of being misdiagnosed and being
administered improper treatments as a result. She now has the correct diagnoses and
needs tailored medical treatment with several specialists to specifically treat each
component of her complex case. Elizabeth needs treatment for genetic diseases
Mold/Biotoxin illness, Lyme Disease with many co-infections, and systemic Endometriosis.
Elizabeth's treatment has to start with rebuilding her immune and organ systems, and
then treatment tailored to eradicating diseases can begin.

We are working on mobilizing resources so that Elizabeth can receive the treatments she
needs to save her life and regain her health. As a result of the genetic diseases and
debilitation from them on her immune system and organ systems, Elizabeth has to be in a
home that is made with non-toxic materials and is free of mold. Until she is in a 'safe'
home, the medical treatment will have no chance of working.   Additionally, as a result of
the breakdown in Elizabeth’s immune system, she needs to have air purifiers and HEPA
filters running in her environment at all times to help keep the indoor air clean and safe
for her. This is all a monumental and daunting task. Elizabeth keeps her faith through it all
and remarkably maintains a positive attitude.
Specific Needs and ways to help
Unfortunately, the majority of the medical treatment Elizabeth needs is out of pocket. Elizabeth is a single woman and does not have financial support
to cover all of her needs.
Specific needs include financial assistance to help cover basic daily living, to purchase a home that is safe for her,
air purifiers for the home, and to cover her life-saving medical treatments
Even as devastatingly ill as she is, Elizabeth's beauty and bright spirit shine through. She is a fiercely loving person who wishes to be well so that she
may serve and help others. One of her life's desires is to leave a legacy that would demonstrate what true service, faith, love, strength and
compassion are. This world desperately needs her many gifts and talents that have been largely suppressed from these devastating diseases.

I am therefore asking you to gather the support of as many people as possible so that we may help generate the resources to save her life. It would
not take much if we each gave a little ($1.00, $5.00, $20.00, $50.00 or more). If there was ever anyone who deserves help, who would pay it forward
and make a difference in this world, it is Elizabeth.

Please consider how you can help save her life.
No contribution is too small; all contributions add up and are greatly appreciated. For
anyone who makes a contribution of $25 or more, you can request a signed copy of Elizabeth's God inspired book. Click on photo of Elizabeth's
book cover below, under the 'contribute' button to learn more about her book.
Your prayers, writing letters asking for help from others, and sharing Elizabeth's story and
website are ways of helping that are greatly appreciated as well.

Should you be so gracious as to contribute to help Elizabeth, please
make checks payable
'Elizabeth L. Chalker S.N.T.'  or feel free to contribute online below.

A Special Needs Trust has been established for contributions.
We greatly appreciate your time, prayers and support.

Dr Corey Cameron
For contributions by check please send to:

Elizabeth Chalker c/o DR. Corey Cameron
2620 N.E. 25th Street
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064
Or contact us at
if you have any further questions.
If you are interested in sponsoring or organizing a fund-raiser to help Elizabeth please email us:
The devastation Elizabeth suffers every moment on differing levels of severity as a result of these illnesses
and diseases is difficult to understand even though I see first-hand what she goes through each day. Her
body is wracked with pain. She has frequent and painful twitching in her muscles, chronic migraines,
Endometriosis, (she has had 13 surgeries), chronic nausea, extreme light and sound sensitivities,
chemical sensitivities; intolerance to heat, and excruciating bone and organ pain among other horrible
symptoms. She suffers from chronic insomnia and when she does sleep, she is routinely awakened by pain
or nausea. Her nervous system is on overload, and simple movements  can cause great pain.
Elizabeth’s needs will total a couple thousand dollars a month. Due to how long it took for proper
diagnoses and the debilitation of Elizabeth's immune and organ systems as a result, she will need
intensive treatments with IV’s, oral treatments, and alternative treatments in combination for several

Elizabeth is hanging on by a thread and it is only her incredible tenacity, amazing spirit, willpower, and
her undying faith that keep her going.Despite all of the impossibilities of her health, the unspeakable
pain, and her circumstances she remains the most loving, giving, caring, funny, and remarkable
person I have ever known.
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to help save a precious life, and we are asking for your help.
Elizabeth book cover
Elizabeth during illness
Click image above for information about Elizabeth's book.
Elizabeth during illness
Additional photos of Elizabeth when she was well and before the debilitation became so great that she had to start living in a proverbial bubble due to
no longer having a proper working immune system can be seen by clicking on the "contributing" link above.