URGENT! Your help is needed. This section gives a description of the immediate need
and how you can help Elizabeth!

A Home to Heal

Elizabeth has the chance to regain her life. But she needs help building a home where she can
heal. Elizabeth finally has the resources for the home and the green builder, now all she needs is
help for the land to put the home on and the money for the down-payment! Elizabeth's doctors have
made it clear that "in order for treatment to begin and be effective towards helping Elizabeth heal,
she first needs to be in a home that is built with non-toxic materials and one that is free of mold.
Staying in exposure is life-threatening for her".

Please find it in your heart to contribute. Elizabeth wants to live and help others who, like her, have
fallen through society's discriminatory cracks and are not able to get needed help. Elizabeth is a
fighter who has beaten the odds for years after being told by doctor after doctor that she should not
be alive. She will never give up and she needs help now more than ever. Elizabeth will pay it
forward and continue to help many others, as she does even now.

Please help us save Elizabeth's life.
Please click the contribute button above to make a contribution to help Elizabeth get into a safe
home. A Special Needs Trust has been established for Elizabeth's needs. To contribute by check,
please send to:
Elizabeth Chalker c/o DR. Corey Cameron
2620 N.E. 25th Street
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064
Or contact us
if you have any further questions.
Thank you and blessings to you all,
Corey Cameron
Please note: Contributions are considered a gift and are not tax deductable, as we are not a non-profit
organization. We are individuals who are working to help save a precious life, and we are asking for your

Some photos of Elizabeth before the physical illnesses took over her life..


Contributions are not tax deductible as we are not a non profit. We are individuals asking for help from the kind
and generous hearts of others to help save a precious life.  
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Young Elizabeth Chalker
Elizabeth Chalker 1
Elizabeth Chalker 1 - sick
Elizabeth during this challenge, fighting for her life.
Elizabeth Chalker playing football
Elizabeth Chalker and dog - Simon