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Most books are written after the storms of life have passed and from a hindsight
Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind: Raw Faith
- was written while in the midst of life's calamities and serious physical illness. No
matter where you are on your life journey, this book will bring light, grace, love,
strength and blessing to your life. It will empower you to not merely be a survivor, this
book will help you live in Raw Faith and be an overcomer!
video message Elizabeth Chalker
"This is no ordinary book about personal loss, crisis, physical illness, and shattered
ambitions. The message here runs much deeper. What I discovered -- being mirrored
back to me -- were my own responses to life's disappointments. Somewhere,
Elizabeth disappeared and i saw myself struggling with personal issues that needed
fixing. Many were issues i did not know were there. At that point, I realized the book
had a 'surface' message and a deeper, heart message. As you read, allow the book
to read you.

Let Elizabeth's cries of the heart and spirit uncover what is sequestered in your own
heart. Let Elizabeth's words lead you on a journey beyond her illness and life
tragedies to its conclusion -- where you will emerge challenged and even strangely
comforted by your own life struggles, knowing that you too can have access o this
pure faith, realize the bigger purpose for your life, and 'come forth as gold'."
-- Pastor Charles Carrin
(over 65 years as an ordained Pastor)

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