Note  to Reader

Foreword (from Elizabeth's book)

Dear Reader,
I don’t know if there is really a way for anyone to understand the depths of pain and suffering from which this work
of Elizabeth’s springs. As one who has witnessed this firsthand, being physically with her in the day-to-day more
than anyone else, it’s still unfathomable to me what she goes through. The reality of her minute-to-minute
existence is far too unbelievable to wrap the mind around. Most of the writing was done in a very dark, cold room in
complete silence. Much was done with the computer on Elizabeth’s lap, with her typing with her eyes closed, as the
light even from the computer screen was too much, too painful. All of it was done with a continual
headache/migraine, as those only change in level of severity. She worked in small increments in between
excruciating, unbearable physical pain and exhaustion, and moments of reprieve where the physical
pain/symptoms and migraines were “bearable enough.”

Most of us will never know the loneliness that she experiences or the fear as she watches uncontrollable things
happen to her body each day. Even though I am with her as often as possible, and she is never out of my thoughts
or my heart, most of this she suffers completely alone, except for her constant companion and angel of God,

Yet in this existence, that is impossible to call a life, she has never wavered in her faith. She has sought,
screamed, challenged, asked tough questions, and been candid in her queries, and also candid in all of what she
experiences. However, she has never abandoned her faith. Additionally, she has always been there to support
those she loves in spite of the constant abandonment, with words of faith, encouragement, love, and wisdom,
always giving beyond her strength and capabilities and often paying a huge price of increased physical pain and
other symptoms for days or weeks, as her own health deteriorates.

To me, she is the epitome of what God wants for all of us. To love where there is no evidence, give when there’s
nothing left and believe where there is nothing left to hold onto except “the scratch marks our nails left behind.”

Elizabeth, you are and will always be a daughter, very dear friend, and mentor to me. I congratulate you on
completing this amazing project, this work of raw faith. Your perseverance is astounding and awe- inspiring. To
witness the tortures you live every second of every day, the loneliness, the travesty, and injustices, and then to
see the incredible genuine love you are, is truly phenomenal. God shines through you so brilliantly, such is evident
to all who know you and know of you—and is equally evident through the God-inspired writing you have completed
and now share with the world. I love you forever.
                                   Dr. Corey Cameron

Sudden loss and great destruction shattered the everyday world of Elizabeth Chalker. Facing difficulties from the
beginning of life, her spirit had persevered. But when a serious, long-term, physical illness that went unnamed for
most of her life devastated her body, her hope for a future and her very life were threatened and continue to be
even today.

In a short time, this beautiful, educated young woman—already established in her career in forensics and
neuropsychology and engaged to be married— experienced the unthinkable. Her engagement was abruptly
broken, her career was lost, and most family and friends disappeared from her life. Nevertheless, as Elizabeth’s
health has declined and she has endured other life calamities that sent her into intense suffering, remarkably her
faith in God has matured and proven to be steadfast. At times she has had nothing left in her dark apartment but
Symon, her loving dog, and the “Presence” of her heavenly Friend. He never left. Elizabeth might have argued that
point for there were times when even He became silent. During those long periods she could have said with Job:

“Oh, that I knew where I might find God, That I might come to His seat! I would present my case before Him, and fill
my mouth with arguments. . . . Would He con- tend with me in His great power? No! But He would take note of me.
There the upright could reason with Him, and I would be delivered forever from my Judge. . . . But He knows the
way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold” (taken from Job 23:3–10).

In the years I have known Elizabeth and witnessed the merciless testing of her faith, I have watched this spiritual
realization rise to the surface. Like Job, she has been abandoned by the majority who were closest to her.
However, like Job, she has come forth as gold. Elizabeth has not allowed her mind to stagnate. Instead, she began
to write. The ripe fruit of that writing is in your hands.

This is no ordinary book about personal loss, crisis, physical illness, and shattered ambitions. The message here
runs much deeper. What I discovered— being mirrored back to me—were my own responses to life’s
disappointments. Somewhere, Elizabeth disappeared and I saw myself struggling with personal issues that needed
fixing. Many were issues I did not know were there. At that point, I realized the book had a “surface” message and
a deeper, heart message. As you read, allow the book to read you. Let Elizabeth’s cries of the heart and spirit
uncover what is sequestered in your own heart. Let Elizabeth’s words lead you on a journey beyond her illness
and life tragedies to its conclusion— where you will emerge challenged and even strangely comforted by your own
life struggles, knowing that you too can have access to this pure faith, realize the bigger purpose for your life, and
“come forth as gold!”

Pastor Charles Carrin Retired from serving an individual church; now pastoring pastors.
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